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  • The Tipitina's Foundation Donation - New Orleans, LA
    Item #: NMAM08
    The Tipitina's Foundation a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, has worked diligently to uplift the music community of New Orleans. After Hurricane Katrina devastated the city, the Foundation responded by rebuilding New Orleans' music culture.

    Initially, the Foundation addressed the immediate needs of our exiled musicians and allowed them to carry on with their lives. Now the foundation is using the legendary music club, Tipitina's Uptown, as the center of its relief efforts by hosting a newly-opened Music Co-op Office that allows musicians to conduct their business activities during the daytime, free legal and accounting seminars, free music lessons for music students, regular Master Seminars, and help with housing information.

    An important aspect of the rebuilding process has involved finding replacement instruments for both professionals and music students alike. So far the foundation has given away over $500,000 of new instruments. Through these efforts, the Tipitina's Foundation is saving the musical traditions of New Orleans.

    100% of your donation will go to the Tipitinas Foundation.

    Please visit The Tipitinas Foundation website for more information.
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  • Music Resource Center - Charlottesville, VA
    Item #: NMAM09
    The Music Resource Center is a multi-faceted music education center for teenagers located in Charlottesville, VA. The center uses the recording and performing arts to create a sense of empowerment and accomplishment in the urban community.

    The mission of the Music Resource Center is to educate and inspire urban youth and through music equip them with life skills for the future. We accomplish this mission through music education and performance opportunities, as well as life skills mentoring.

    From a state of the art facility to cutting edge music education programs the Music Resource Center is poised for a period of tremendous growth internally as well as externally. We envision a center where the arts are used as a catalyst to fashion real economic and personal development opportunities for our membership.

    100% of your donation here will go to the Music Resource Center.

    Please visit The Music Resource Center's website for more information.
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  • Memphis Music Foundation Donation
    Item #: NMAM14
    Music is embedded in the Memphis story, along with an unrelenting spirit of independence. Around the world Memphis Means Music and the Memphis Music Foundation champions that Music Means business. The Foundation exists to educate the Memphis music community about music business systems and trends, help artists develop plans for future business growth, and create dynamic marketing and promotional opportunities for Memphis music. The Foundation is devoted to creating solutions to the obstacles and challenges facing Memphis’s independent music industry.
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